Adult nursing relationship stories

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When I found out I was pregnant with our first child I immediately knew I would breastfeed, it never really crossed my mind to do anything else or that it would be a challenge. I, thankfully, had a great support system. My older sister successfully breastfed my nephew through his toddler years and was a great example of doing what is best for you and your baby.

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My husband fully supports and encourages breastfeeding as well — even when it infringes on our bed, our sleep, and our privacy, to name a few. When I had my son, Noah, I immediately placed him on my skin and had him latch on. Although it was brief, he got it right away. I was so fortunate that the feeding process came pretty naturally to both of us. The first few weeks were a bit of a mess.

When my milk fully came in I was engorged and leaking everywhere but eventually my body worked it out and amazingly seemed to know just how much my sweet boy needed to eat. It really is marvelous. I never really thought about weaning or had a timeframe for breastfeeding in mind. I stayed home from work for 12 weeks. I began pumping some to start saving up milk for when I returned to work, so I could have some for his nanny.

I never knew what hard work pumping, in addition to regular nursing, was! I was pumping around the clock just to get an extra ounce or two to leave behind while we were gone. Even though I had introduced solids by that point Noah was still eating a lot of breast milk. Alas, on the same weekend I lost my wallet and credit cardsa Hurricane rolled through and thwarted our travel plans.

We ended up not leaving him overnight until he was 15 months. And, he did just fine without me. Noah just loves to nurse, and I love to nurse him. He never liked a pacifiera teddy or blankie. I never pushed weaning on him. He really only wanted to nurse for comfort, but I did still produce milk. He would nurse in the morning and at bedtime and really anytime he asked in between. We went to the doctor to see what we should do. They said to wait it out, that I was ovulating but just not having a period yet.

Noah was still nursing regularly with no indication of letting up. He could now talk very well. He can tell me when he wants to nurse, he can pull my shirt down, unclip my nursing top and all. I am not going to lie, sometimes it is embarrassing when people look at you and wonder why your child who can speak in complete sentences is still breastfeeding.

I can sit still and just hold him. Shortly after that first period I got pregnant. I now felt this pressure to wean Noah. It was a self-created pressure mostly. What will I do? I am having a new baby that will have to nurse, and Noah must stop. That was just what I had in my mind. He seemed to understand and volunteered to share the milk. I just hoped and prayed that it would work itself out. I spoke to my doctors about it and they said as long as I was fine and my health was good that it was fine for me to continue to nurse him.

That plan was incorrect. Noah still loved to nurse with mommy. He did all these things totally fine but he still loved that bond nursing provided. It got a bit harder the bigger my belly got. I sometimes had a difficult time getting comfortable holding him and adult nursing relationship stories him. But, I did it and I cherished it. I grieved it a little. I was scared a little. Could I love another baby as much as I love Noah? It is scary.

I prayed to not feel anxious about things out of my control and to really be present in all the special moments that were happening in my life. This was all difficult for me, the person who is a planner and a doer by default. The first thing Noah wanted to do when he came to see me at the hospital and meet his sister for the first time was nurse.

And, so I did. A few days after having Marna my milk came in. She latched adult nursing relationship stories without issue as well and was a great eater. My body regulated it a bit better this time. It amazingly knew that there was a new life to sustain. It definitely took practice, but I nurse them together every day.

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I stayed home for four months this time. I enjoyed every moment. Three days a week Noah went to preschool and for those days I could spend time with Marna alone.

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At night we would read books and they would often nurse at the same time, regularly holding hands, falling asleep intertwined with each other. It was the most precious, sincere love to witness between them. Sometimes I do get tired of nursing everyone at what, for several months, seemed like every waking moment. It has not always been easy. I have had mastitis two times since having Marna and had horrible fever, aches, chills and was just plain miserable.

But, I got through it. I could see how women gave up nursing when they had mastitis — I had heard about that. It rocked my world when Marna was just three weeks old. If I had not known that nursing a newborn gets easier then I might not have stuck it out because it was no joke.

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So, here we are. Marna is now almost one year old. She loves her solids but still nurses for bed and whenever else she tries I oblige. I know that this season will end, and for right now this is what is best for my children. I did it because this is where my children led me. And, that he does so alongside his baby sister? I suppose we might be the exception. But, they both see it as part of his every day existence.

He feels completely comfortable coming up to his mama and having milk that my body makes to sustain their little bodies. They feel safe, secure and loved when at my breast.

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Adult nursing relationship stories

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