Boyfriend has foot fetish

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Feet are not my kink.

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My first clue that I was dating someone with feet on his mind came a few months into the relationship. Until my boyfriend started asking about it. Over time, I slowly started to develop insecurities about how clean or unclean my feet were. So I started wearing socks. The theory was hard to confirm, as any time my feet went near his face he would get instantly angry and move them away.

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But eventually I figured out that if I wanted him to get off so I could go to sleep, all I had to do was put my feet on his face for instant. But I consider that a personal fault. In fact, the task is so distracting for them on a baser level that I feel the entire effort suffered for it. I found myself on more than one occasion going straight for the nail polish remover when he boyfriend has foot fetish out of sight, trying to eradicate the giant globs of hideous red that had been shakily applied all over my toes.

On the upside, you get a boyfriend who is keen for shoe shopping which sadly for him, owning four pairs of shoes total, I was not. And then socks become lingerie. Thank you, she replied to her doting boyfriend, not really paying attention.

How do you warn your friends not to flash their feet around your boyfriend? What makes feet hideous? What makes feet attractive?! The best advice I can give on that level is to not worry about it too much. The biggest learning curve for me was trying to learn how to give good footjobs. They were probably picked from birth for their perfectly manicured, smooth, flexible feet. I never quite passed on that front, although at least he appreciated the effort.

The basic idea being, the guy wants to be crushed by feet. Giant feet. Sexy feet. I usually just watched TV while he pretended to be a tiny person getting crushed underfoot.

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There are worse things to have to do to satisfy your partner I guess? Like any relationship, sexual compatibility is important. If I was a more dominant sexual deviant I might have enjoyed it, but as it was we were two subs trying to make things work in an unconventional, unromantic way.

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Boyfriend has foot fetish

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The Pros And Cons Of Dating A Foot Fetishist