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The MC of the game. While there is no given name in-game, Word of God confirmed it as Marshmallow. She suddenly sends a series of strange texts to Marshmallow after her death, leaving them confused until she reveals her identity and the fact that she is a ghost. Her messages come off as creepy and desperate as having a sexual fantasy with Marshmallow is her Unfinished Businessand they agree to help her carry out this fantasy so that her spirit can be at peace. Attempting to get any support before her browser is officially retired, her crush crush moist all outfits is crushed when Marshmallow shows interest.

Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to to do this. Get Known if you don't have an. Marshmallow-kun and Marshmallow-chan, standing side by side. Nina : Why do you have so many jobs? HOW do you have so many jobs? Professor Wood. A researcher that makes appearances in the introduction of all four monster girl events. Groin Attack : Gets kicked in the "coin pursh" by Spectrum the centaur. Cassie Caprice. Just out of curiosity Do you think I'm pretty?

I'm curious if I'm attracted to dunces, I guess Mio Farrow. All I want is someone smart, tech-savvy, motivated, with decent mid-control skills and a nice butt. Is that too much to ask? Well, nevermind. It's just a small bruise. Ayano : I love Video Games! But I'm worried Mio might be addicted to them. Has she ever over-reacted to losing crush crush moist all outfits game? Mio : Derrs errs cream Ert ders nerthing fer mer pern De-garbled This ice cream Mio : Suddenly, killing girls in Yandere Simulator feels weird to me. Am I losing my edge? Mio : Hey! I don't wear these shorty shorts for warmth!

Quill Purnell. Do you want to share a tuna sandwich? Or a can of tuna? Or a raw tuna? I like sharing, so let me know your preference. Do you like girls? I'm not sure if you noticed, but I am one. Elle : Who am I? What is who? Why is what? Who was phone? How can he slap? Let's play truth or dare. I dare you to do me. Sorry, I don't have a very good imagination. Nutaku : Voila! In view, a vivacious vaudevillian vixen, a voluptuous vision of vanity and voracious voyeur of vulgarity!

Someone is being creepy enough to dull my sex drive. Well, despite my many fetishes, I don't count being murdered being one of them. A little bit of choking is okay though Iro Kawase. There's nothing I like better than a motivated person! I love a get-shitzu-done mentality! Work hard and play hard! Iro : My hair? Oh, it actually grows naturally this way.

Apparently my Mom ate a rainbow when she was pregnant, and I'm kidding! Iro : [ There's no carpet, only hardwood fl- wait no! Analogy gone bad! Bonnibel Valentine. If you're aiming to impress me, go grab a frilly apron, grab a mixing spoon, and start giving that batter what for! There's more going on under this apron than you might think.

If you're want to spend something, spend some time! Great for mixing it up, and you'll do for a spanking in a pinch Tee hee! A little wisdom upstairs is worth all the smolder in the basement, if you catch my meaning. Ayano Aishi. Good afternoon, Senpai! Are you wearing a new cologne today? I mean, it's not like I make a point to smell you or anything Hopefully someday Nutaku can find something other than sex that makes her feel like a better person.

Ayano describing her new knife : "Guaranteed not to slip, even when covered in Pamu : Wow! Some broad has been stalking me with a knife! She's so disturbed and adorable - I love her! Ayano : I think that Pamu might not be human She laughs when she's stabbed I hear.

Alpha : My handlers told me that I received some poisoned chocolates. Alpha : I think someone tried to hack my servers today. And by "hack" I mean with a meat cleaver. Quill : Are Cat-Catchers allowed to use steak knives for their jobs? Because the one that's chasing me sure is. Ayano : I heard people with narcolepsy sometimes slip and fall and stab themselves with knives 20 or 30 times. How awful! You surprised me! I thought you were someone else, tee hee! Ayano : That Darkness Girl is so lost and alone. But if she's going to destroy the worldI guess we should kill it.

Ayano : If you'd like my help dealing with that Darkness GirlSenpai, I can grab my box cutter anytime. May I suggest a spiked bat? Fumi Zweihander. Logdate - The Marshmallow from the local time group remains in constant contact. I am beginning to find them physically appealing. Fumi: "I have noticed you performing repeated perfunctory scans of my mammary glands.

Crush crush moist all outfits

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