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Ok, so this year I had a lecture on cybersex, so I was just wondering what your opinions are on it? Have you ever done it?

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Would you recommend it? Do you think that would be a problem? Or would you try not to think about it? Well anyway I asked people I knew and they all said they have never tried it, but I'm sure some of them are lying! Hopefully people feel more free to talk about it on here :p. I've never tried it and don't plan to. I don't find anything erotic about it at all.

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But, hey - people get off to different things, what can you do? Doesn't hurt anyone. And I know that some couples in long distance relationships do it as a means of -some- stimulation. I will say that I find it funny and kind of pathetic when people do it over World of Warcraft or shit like that. I don't get cybersex forum. Yikes that is different. I understand people doing it through a game like Second Life because that is aiming to simulate real life, but WoW is just about killing things and running about, not sex? There are some really strange people on that site.

Then again - that's the internet for you. I think its b etter to have sex in person r ather than doing it with someone you dont know. I think it probably works as a confidence boost for some people, and in that case why not?

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I mean, I wouldn't do it because I don't NEED to, but for someone who's really desperate, as long as they don't take it too far, I can't see cybersex forum problem. I find the idea of having internet sex with someone you don't know very creepy But I have no problem with other people doing it, it can lead to problems however, because addiction is common and then they could stop even attempting to real life interaction with people. There was this couple and the husband started getting into cybersex and at first he told his wife when he did it, but then he started doing it lo behind her back and he could stop so they got divorced.

Do you think cybersex counts as cheating? I really do!

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I can't understand why people wouldn't! Daniel M. I think it's a bit sad Why bother while you can just have the real thing? Tbh it just sounds to weird! I find it sad too, it think the internet causes a lot of problems but it does help people too. I've heard people say that it's 'empowering' for a women to do it and explore her sexuality, but 'desperate' for men to do it.

Don't you think it is unfair to have that stereotype? It should be viewed cybersex forum same for both sexes in my opinion, as both desperate and empowering in a way. Maybe, mayyyyybe if you're in a long-distance relationship. If not, I'm sorry but get a life? I've never done it nor do I think I'd be any good at it. Kyla C. I don't think I'll be sharing my experiences for fear of being troll'd. Awwwh do tell, that was the point of this thread, but people have been fairly close-minded so far.

In my opinion I'm not going to pass judgement until I've tried it!

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Haha, but I would have to try it with my boyfriend as I DO believe it's cheating if you cybersex with randomers when you are in a relationship, but I live with my boyfriend at the moment so it would be silly. Well it's nothing particularly interesting. Just that I went through a phase in which I cybered a lot. This was before I'd heard of the ease and anonymity of Chat Roulette and things like that. I always worry that people might have print screens cybersex forum me on their computer.

I learnt some very important life lessons there Oh, I've seen Mr. You ever hear of this chick?

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Kathleen P. I find it funny. If I've ever come close to it, it's usually a bunch of the girls pissing off the people who try it on. I just find that kind of 'dirty talk' funny in general. There are so many more ways to turn a girl on than asking about our tits Well I did my exam on this topic and it was interesting to talk about, we'll have to wait and see cybersex forum I pass or not You have no saved topics. Opinions on cybersex?

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