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Real life female exhibitionist experiences. AmerikuracanaMar 31, Used to deliver pizzs outin the burbs. Least every 2 weeks there was a towel or robe flasher. Age veried by a bout 60 years as did gender. I have seen some shit i probably shouldnt have seen Tons of people getting caught fucking on purpose. Just vanilla shit nothing too fucked up. Gutter ChrisMar 31, JabToucherMar 31, ed: Mar 15, Messages: 16, Likes Exhibitionists forum 8, AlphaboyMar 31, ed: Mar 13, Messages: 26, Likes Received: 4, TidWellMar 31, ed: Jan 1, Messages: 6, Likes Received: Here in Ontario you are totally allowed to go topless.

Have for years. Yet I have not seen one goddamn woman do it yet.

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Fuck you Ontario. That's why you need the latest iPhone with high res camera and video camera. Nothing too crazy, but I did see a girl braless with tight tank top and probably perfect natural boobs start jogging today. TankAbbott4EvaMar 31, One of the hottest girls I know sometimes didn't have any underwear at all and flashed me her beaver while I was her passenger.

At least once, she was only wearing a see thru dress that could fly up easily.

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In college days, this kinda butterface girl with decent sized natural boobs in those loose silk tank tops may have been sitting in a chair while I was sitting on table and she leaned forward to the table and rested her boobs on the table while talking to me. Saw a lot of titties. Another time a friend of mine started hanging out with a girl he said used to be a stripper.

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We have several local Mardi Gras like celebrations and one time I quit work just to attend one. I would always be one of the guys who showed up with excessive be. A group of close to ten friends were all packed into my living room and one guy had a girl slide under the blanket and began giving him head.

He never broke character and kept talking to everyone. A friend of mine fucked a girl on the floor as I slept on a couch within arms reach. He would occasionally wake me up and ask when I had to go to work. Merlotte'sMar 31, Show Ignored Content. Share This Exhibitionists forum. Your name or address: Do you already have an ? Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?

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Exhibitionists forum

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