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Are you into weird, or kinky sex? Foot fetishes, panty fetishes, diaper fetishes, medical fetishes, bondage sex, we all have sexual fetishes to one degree or another. Do you get horny endlessly day-dreaming about kinky sexual fetishes or sexual situations you'd like try out or be involved in? Have you ever acted on any of your kinky sexual fetishes? How did it go? Did you experience a sexual situation even too "weird" or "out there" for even your sensibilities?

This is the place to confess it all! I had my first gynaecological examination when I was twelve years of age. I was having stomach pains and some discomfort in my vagina. I was hoping for a female Doctor but was appalled when a young male Doctor greeted us.

I had to take my underwear off and lie on an examination table with my legs parted. I was so nervous and wanted to cry; nobody except my mum had ever seen my girlie bits. The Doc, to begin with, pressed around fetish confessions lower stomach and above my genitals which hurt! He then sits on a stool between my legs which were shaking a little.

My mum takes my hand, and I feel him touch my pussy for the first time. Although nervous as hell, Fetish confessions liked the feel of my private place being touched by somebody else. He then opens up my pussy lips, and it felt like electricity was dancing all over my pussy area, and my clit felt like it was tingling. With my pussy lips spread, he then applies some lubricant inside, which felt amazing. He announced that I had a virtually Imperforate Hymen that due to my menstrual cycle starting was causing the pain.

My mum agreed, and I just nodded; I was now frightened. He applied a sanitary pad, and I was sent home. Two weeks later, I was back for a follow-up check-up. Same procedure as before on the examination bed, underwear off with the Doc on a stool between my legs. He opens up my pussy lips which again felt amazing; he tells me the procedure had been a success, and most of my Hymen was now gone, although there was some remaining.

He then asks my mum and me if he can check all is well in my vagina to check for any other abnormalities.

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We both agreed as tbh I was enjoying the whole experience. He applies more lubricant and gently inserts a finger into my pussy.

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OMG, it felt amazing, nothing had ever entered me before, and I wanted to start moaning. I could feel him probing fetish confessions walls of my vagina, and my clit was literally pulsing, and I so wanted him to touch it. I slightly arched my back, and he asked if I was experiencing discomfort; I said no, just getting more comfortable.

His finger was inside me for a minute or two of pure bliss. On exiting, he took some tissue to wipe the excess lubrication off my pussy; in doing so, the tissue touched brushed against my clit, and I had a mini orgasm. I suspect he knew what had just happened and just smiled at my quickly reddening face. My next exam fetish confessions by a gynaecologist when I was eighteen years of age. It was part of fetish confessions complete physical I was having for employee health insurance.

I again thoroughly enjoyed having a male Doctor between my legs and checking my private lady parts. He inserted a vaginal speculum into me, which was an extraordinary feeling; I had a mini orgasm when it was being opened up inside me! I think this Doctor knew my kink as he took a good fifteen minutes checking me out and touching me.

No other Doctor has ever checked my clit out in a gyno exam; however, he had my clit between his fingers asking if there was any discomfort as he manipulated it; I was panting when I said no. I know some ladies dread that kind of visit to the Doctors; however, I know a few like me who enjoy it. I might well do it one day!! Wife and I were at a fair one night back several years …. There was a booth selling sports hoodieswife and I wanted one. My wife loves flea markets and the such …. So she said to the guy running the tentdo you have a deal if we buy two? My wife rarely wears a bra and at a fair she never does….

Her nipples are big and always hard and she is a healthy 38C also…. The mansays to her show me those tits and you can buy one have one free…. We want to have good look…. She said get him…. The 4 of us walked to the end of the tent …. She actually took her halter off bouncedtweeted each nipple…. We walked over picked up the hoodies and walked out of the fair…. I was smiling from ear to ear…. I love this lady. However, I did still love Karen; she is an exceptionally sexy woman with a big heart. I arrived home one evening to find the house empty; I assumed she must be working late.

I got a little worried by midnight; I rang her mobile, which went straight to messenger. This was all very strange as we always let each other know about work activities and times; I wondered if she had left me?

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Just after midnight, I got a call from one of her work friends Sue, telling me Karen had been out on a works night out and was very drunk. Sue said she was putting her in a taxi, but I would need to assist when it arrived. Not long after the call, a taxi arrived, and I went out to greet it. I paid the driver, and it took both of us to carry her into the house and up to the bedroom. When the taxi driver had gone, she was flat out on the bed.

I undressed her; she started crying and apologising, saying she was so sorry and loves me. I took her black cocktail dress off and was delighted to see she was wearing black stockings and suspenders. My wife tends to sleep just with just knickers on in summer, I enjoyed taking her stockings and bra off. She looked so beautiful laying on the bed just in her lacy black knickers; it was then that I saw it; her crotch was very damp.

I pulled her fetish confessions to the side to reveal her pussy and neat tram line of pubic hair covered in spunk.

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She had been fucked, and I was looking at a fresh cream pie. I was staggered fetish confessions sight. I pulled her knickers down to her knees and watched as vast globs of spunk oozed out from between her large labia. The sight turned me on? My cock was like a baseball bat? I knew I should be angry at what I was seeing, but I was extremely aroused, and my heart was beating like a drum. I was drawn to her pussy like a magnet, my face inches away from her spunk matted genitalia and pubic hair.

My heart was racing, and cock aching like never before. I began to lick her pussy, taking her large labia globs of cum into my mouth; I was disgusted, ecstatic, horrified and elated by what I was doing? I ate her pussy like never before, savoring the cream pie and licking her clean; I even had my tongue fetish confessions her vagina licking her and her lover secretions. Karen was now awake and moaning with pleasure; next, I was on top of her violently fucking her. During that night, we must have fucked half a dozen times; which was more than the couple of years all in one night.

He had come onto her, she was drunk and had been flattered that a young good looking guy was trying to get into her knickers.

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He had fucked her in the back of his car in the restaurant car park twice! Sue had come looking for her and called me. Thankfully, nobody else at work knew what had happened as most were intoxicated too. Somehow that night re-energised our marriage. I confessed about my fling, so there were no more secrets.

Our sex life took on a new dynamic; I even fucked her in the back of a car, reliving that night with her young stud. Karen, at first, struggled to understand why her infidelity turned me on; however, after reading about the husband cuckold scene, finally she understood. We have not become swingers, and to my knowledge, my wife has remained faithful since that night.

Oddly, an event that should probably have ended our marriage pretty much saved it; life is strange? The wife and I like to occasionally have sex near windows. The thought of being seen excites us both. Once in a while we were certain that we were seen from a distance, but one night we knew for sure that our neighbor upstairs got a really nice show. We were having sex on the recliner, with the shades open but facing the back yard, so there was less chance of being seen. We then heard Dave our neighbor upstairs from our condo unit go out on to his deck for a smoke.

Well…about 2 minutes later she leaned in close and said that she can see that Dave was indeed, looking down over fetish confessions side of his deck and getting a really good show and she was going to give him more to see. A few minutes later we were both having an incredible orgasm that we will never forget. I re-met K at our 10th HS reunion. She had long brown hair, and even though I'd known her since 4th grade I didn't realize how pretty she was and what a hot body she had. It was10 years since I'd last seen her, in HS she was girlfriend of one of my best friends, one who it turns out was gay, though none of us knew it at that time.

I was talking to old friends, and K slipped me her card and told me to call her if I was interested. I waiting a week then called. We met again for lunch, then more times and we began an affair. She wasn't attached though I was, and we had sex for over a year. Not just sex, I could cum in her mouth, which my wife hated me doing to her, and K said I was the first anal sex she'd received. Her ly vaginal sex was in college when her boyfriend and she were kissing and groping. He pulled her panties off while she was sucking him and against her wishes, pinned her down and fucked her. She was protesting but he kept going.

She stopped seeing him, obviously; but didn't fetish confessions him. After that she'd not had sex until me. She was so willing to do anything. I took it slow because of her past sex,and didn't want to make it traumatic for her, but that didn't occur. She walked into the bathroom while I was peeing and her naked body up against me, she reached around front and held my cock while I peed.

This started happening all the time. Then she asked fetish confessions if I wanted to watch her. I did, as again, this was something my wife never wanted to do.

Fetish confessions

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Fetish Confessions