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The act of buying clothing from a 'dominant' is a power exchange in itself. It may also feel like the dominant is giving them love, providing for them — much like a parent provides clothing and love for their. Skip ! Story from Living.

My dabbling in being dominant began when I started university. Selling my knickers to men on Reddit and my shoes to submissivesI saw being a findom financial dominatrix as a side hustle rather than a lifestyle. A bit of extra cash plus a power trip? me up. Currently I have one regular paypig a man who has consented to financial servitude to me, his mistress who has all the usual fantasies: licking my shoes and meeting at ATMs to give me money. He has other clothing-specific fetishes too. For the purposes of this piece, I findom paypig my pig to explain his reasoning for wanting my worn clothing.

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For as long as there has been the internet, the phenomenon of flogging clothing to the anonymous submissive men findom paypig want it has existed. The BDSM relationship dynamics which underpin it have been around for even longer. Laura Vowels, a therapist from the sex and relationship therapy app Bluehearttells me that "giving up power and being submissive can give a person a sense of relief. A part of it can also have come through messages via media in which men especially are portrayed as dominant sexually whereas women are portrayed as more submissive.

Georgina, 21, who sells knickerstights and socks to her submissives, agrees with this sentiment.

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Georgina feels that when these submissive wants come from men in particular, they stem from toxic masculinity. As she sees it, the 'male bravado' that so many men feel they have to keep up dissipates in private.

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In the specific case of buying worn clothing from their dominant, he comments that "the act of buying clothing from a 'dominant' is a power exchange in itself. The submissive probably just wants to feel loved. While this ties in with the concept that often, kink play is linked to coping with our inner traumasVowels noted when we spoke that "BDSM findom paypig also be incredibly healing for people who have experienced sexual trauma because it is about letting go, or exercising control, in a safe environment.

For submissives, buying clothing is about power and release but it is important to recognise it is a sexual act, too.

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As my pig puts it: "There is an animal element to it. As more and more people become aware of the ability to sell worn clothing to the fetishists who get off on it, the stigma that surrounds both domming and being dommed is slowly diminishing. Getting behind the new wave of findoms is Rebekka Bluewho not only has a career in sex work herself but now trains others in how to be the best findom possible.

On her website, Blue links her OnlyFans s, her multiple stores and her ebooks.

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These teach everything from spotting scammers to how to sell "weird things on the Internet". She has amassed over one million subscribers to her TikTokwhere she has an ongoing series of the items she sells to subs.

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The list includes office chairs, used cotton wool p and bottles of her sweat as well as many more oddities. Speaking to me viaBlue explains that she usually finds that "sub men enjoy the submissive feeling they may receive from purchasing personal items from women. It can vary from an infatuation with their seller [to] a sense of worshipping their Goddess. I often see my clients desiring to lose findom paypig control and completely submit to the seller offering ownership of them. While Blue has amassed a huge online following from talking about findom paypig more obscure things she flogs to her clients, she tells me that "panties and socks are actually the most popular items" among her subs.

They also like "workout clothes such as leggings and sports bras. She feels strongly that there are upsides to being a dom that need to be mentioned. The world of selling worn clothing and toe dividers, belly button rings and even IUDs in the case of Rebekka Blue is becoming more and more mainstream every day. As Blue succinctly and caringly puts it: "Society may consider these 'weird' exchanges but I have a massive admiration for anyone who has the confidence to express their sexual desires in a safe, consensual way.

Finally, Vowels makes an important point, too. They have felt drawn to power dynamics from the moment they became aware of their sexuality.

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There is absolutely no reason to look down on fetishists. Dating apps have always felt like a bit of a minefield to me. I first came out as bisexual at 17 but having met my current boyfriend at a festival two year. Will She Ever Get Celebrities from Chr. Samsung released a phone th. It was the first autumn lockdown. The one that p. I would have bee.

Findom paypig

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What is findom? A submissive man explains the fetish