Flogging kink

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Top definition. A 'flogger' flogging kink remain for the moment 'any flexible many-tailed striking tool where the tails are simple strips of leather or similar substances, deed for use on the human body'. He stood spread eagle against the wall, waiting with anticipation as the Dominatrix held her whip ready for flogging.

Jul 24 Word of the Day. To Steal one's toiletor baby. They were victims of a drive by Flogging. When a man takes his penis after he has already ejaculated and brutally attacks a womans face after she has passed out or while she is sleeping.

A popular move in England where it is depicted in several adult films.

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I saw this movie on the internet where a guy jizzumed in a girls hair and started flogging her so hard she got a black eye. To sell an item quickly or without permission. I want to flog your tv set. The act of having sexual intercourse while blogging. Dude last night I was totally flogging this hot chick when I came across an awesome post on Tumblr!

A term used to describe slutty clog dancing.

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Can you please stop floggingits making the neighbors stare. Jul 24 trending 1. Watermelon Sugar 2.

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