Girls into ballbusting

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Emena areski mou to ballbusting enixero gt omos I mean pou oulla ta pramata pou iparxoun areski mou to pkio fuck up. What is this video? I need this one!! You can view the ep. Thank you. That was kick ass. If I were to do that, I would be behind bars already but she seriosuly was kick-ass. But her character is kick ass. Yah I did notice that. It was a pigment of the guy's imagination I suppose.

Seppelson I find that I am too nice, and sometimes people take advantage of that. OK I never wanted to be more antisocial. I hate people who are like that. I bet many people killed themselves vecause of those rude people. I hate that people are getting mord rude. I would prefer people worldwide to girls into ballbusting as nice as you. Seppelson ohhh. That super nice! It would be a very weird place.

I would prefer a weird but nice world. Bullies go to jail and everything is nice. AditiSaasha if you would do it to me you would not go to jail : after the pain i would thank u or ask you to do it again :P. Beautiful video, but it's really next to impossible to find a girl to hit u down there. It's really fun if u try it once start from soft kicks girls into ballbusting u want and go harder, u will surely love it if u have the right guy. That hurts. Everything pains when u want to do something sexual, and it's pleasurable too.

Annbaby Think about it. It's really not hard to understand. Annbaby It was meant as a joke. Would you want to be rolled up until human sushi? Auctor The fuck? Annbaby You really didn't get my joke? Now stop bugging me. More than a self defence technique Would u try it on any of ur friend if they ask u to do so? Share Facebook. Do girl like Ballbusting? Add Opinion. If you like it and you are in a relationship, then you can start like this: "Hey so there's something I haven't told you" "it's really scary I am so sorry" "oh I shouldn't have mentioned anything".

Im that mechanism her mind goes to drugs, illegal activities, etc etc. Poppykate 3. This woman is my hero! I love her balls! Show All Show Less. How can someone like unfriendly people.

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Richareens opinions shared on Sexuality topic. No I don't see pleasure in hitting someone that hard. AndrePolluple Xper 2. I'm 18 years old and I have a 15 year old girlfriend. I once allowed her to knee me in the balls and she loved it. Well of course she didn't do it too hard just enough to make me hurt.

She caught me in a hug and said sorry babe. She even rubbed my stomach trying to make me feel better. I found it to be really hot and I even got erect from it. RedThread 3. I would never want that kind of pain inflicted on me God damn. Up Now! Related Questions. Show All. Why do girls enjoy ballbusting? How can I get a girl try ballbusting with me?

Do a lot of girls like ballbusting? Why are girls into Ballbusting? Sort Girls First Guys First. One time my ex-girlfriend came to my house unexpectedly and I girls into ballbusting the door in just a thin short shower robe with nothing else on. It was almost see through. I told her to wait in the living and I'd be right back. I wanted to tidy up the place before she could see the mess from the night before, so I went to sweep up the trash in the kitchen. I didn't see her come into the kitchen and she was standing behind me.

I grabbed my balls with both hands and while I was holding them I asked why she did that and she said " because I saw your balls dangling and it made me want to kick them. I didn't get mad but I was confused because I thought she she kicked me in my balls for no good reason. Now when I think about it I get real horny and it turns me on.

So now, if a girl wants to kick me in my balls, I'll let her. I'll girls into ballbusting her punch and squeeze them too. I'll even hold my fat dick up out of the way so that my balls are hanging totally open and unprotected if she wants me to. Gedaria Master. I know what you mean. But doing it like that wouldn't be do bad. But that move is more offensive.

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For it to be defensive, he would need to be holding her arms, and the reflex would be to lift the knee up. So the knee contacts the scrotum directin that position it does maximum damage Rick Explorer. As I have gotten older, a hit to my balls don't hurt as much as it once did. As a matter of fact, it feels good at times. Xper 7. Why hurting someone if they did nothing wrong to you? Because u Haven't tried that yet. Pamina Guru. Only when the guy's not into it.

Means u girls into ballbusting to hit guys who don't like to get hit? Oh, but the question still remains the same, do girls like ballbusting? I'm not into it. How can I prove that I didn't cheat you. Rhinoboy Xper 4. I want mine to be busted by a hot girl. Seppelson 6. Nice Idea I should try it this way. Nice describtion of yourself.

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Girls into ballbusting

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