Girls with dirty butts

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A few weird, dystopian phases of coronavirus ago, when toilet paper supplies were treacherously low and few of us could be sure where our next roll was coming from, the bidet discourse was as inescapable as sourdough starters. Evan Goldsteinrenowned anal surgeon and founder of Bespoke Surgical and sexual wellness brand Future Method. Nobody teaches us the right way to wipe. Fortunately, Dr. Hate to say it, but anal hygiene begins well before you even think about entering the bathroom.

According to Goldstein, a clean anus starts with a good diet. For inspiration, look no further than your dog.

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But the skin in that area is very, very fragile. So a lot of people are over-wiping, especially if your stool is not super formed. Step one to getting that stool well-formed?

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Goldstein recommends Pure for Mena fiber supplement deed with anal hygiene in mind. These supplements work best when taken at night, Goldstein explains. When you stand up, it changes the pelvic angle, and when that angle changes you feel the urge to have a bowel movement, and then you evacuate everything. But even if there is, you should be aiming for more of a blot than a wipe, says Goldtstein.

And please, do not even think about going back there with a wet wipe. So if wiping is bad and wet wiping is worse, what exactly is a guy supposed to do after taking a shit? It fosters a lot of really great health in the area and soothes it, and also gets rid of any excrement.

Which brings us to the bidet.

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Goldstein recommends TUSHY for a simple, relatively inexpensive option that you can attach to your existing toilet seat and so do we. Historically, anal douching has been associated with the gay community, or at least with people who have anal sex. But should straight men be douching? Obviously, butt stuff has long since spread its wings outside the exclusive domain of gay sex. For the last decade or so, butt play has taken over the sexual zeitgeist in a major way, with various anal activities entering the bedrooms of people representing a diverse range of gender and sexual identities.

Anal is the thing. Everybody wants to have anal these days. But with an increased interest in anal sex comes an increased awareness of anal hygiene. Naturally, in this, the age of ass, anal douching is for everyone … and no one. Allow Dr. Goldstein to explain. In which case, he recommends first checking out the situation for yourself. At the end of the day, regardless of who you are and who or what is going up your anus, it should be clean. Fortunately, for the vast majority of people, all it takes to maintain a clean asshole is plenty of fiber and maybe a bidet.

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Girls with dirty butts

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