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Similar to hypnosis, it is very versatile and can interweave with almost any fetish or genre. I can be a stern Mistress guiding you through tease and denial with endless edging and I can be your sweet girlfriend experience edging you over the phone. I do both phone and cam JOI sessions and if you are ready to play you can contact me for a session. I also have lots of fun and tantalizing JOI videos and audios. If some of these topics do not interest you, no problem. Like I said, JOI can be applied to almost anything you can imagine! Consider having a session with me or ordering a custom audio if you are looking for something specific.

Some of my favorite combinations with JOI:. In this audio, I do not bring in dominance, submission, or addiction. This is about the pure pleasure of erotic hypnosis. It feels phenomenal and explosive to cum under trance! If you have just recently wondered about what it would be like to be my pet and to play with me and new submissive tendencies, then let me guide you in this audio.

My luscious breasts need no introduction! I will say that in this video you have the privilege of seeing my bare breasts and worshiping them fully! This is a wonderfully seductive hypnosis video that might just be your new favorite! You think of me… and the cravings begin. It is time my good boy. Time to play. Time to relax.

Time to let go and see just how intense this next dose of pleasure will be…. I know you love to edge for me and now is the perfect time to escape into the pleasures of being totally controlled by me in the most sensual of ways. Hint: If you are looking for a first video to buy this is a great one! THREE videos of pleasure! Time to let me blow your mind! Real sex therapists have nothing on me when it comes to JOI. And you are very lucky my pet because the command that my presence has over you is about to get bigger and bigger! But unlike any of the other natural beauties who lose their grasp on you, with each new listen to my voice, my grasp, my hold, my power over you only becomes stronger.

The pleasure, more glitter goddess joi, more enveloping, more intoxicating. Ready glitter goddess joi your next dose? Good thing I am in charge, because I do. I feel the pleasure too. This is a VERY different sort of video because it is truly therapeutic for breaking your addiction to other women online, while at the same time it is also a DEEP mind fuck and an even DEEPER hypnotic experience where the sneaky waves of pleasure are amplified.

This video will change you. I will be your puppeteer and you will never look back. Are you ready to be born anew? Are you ready to give yourself to me? Are you ready to be free of the distractions that keep you from me? Come my good boy. Now is the time. Why not use some of that infatuation to get yourself motivated? Heart rate pumping, heavy breathing, I have big plans for you!

So glitter goddess joi on the bandwagon of the Glitter Goddess work out plan. You just might find that working out is WAY sexier than you ever imagined. So there are 2 videos in here! This is even better than a dream come true! I have found a way to harness the pleasure and power of your desire to stroke for me to help areas of your life you have been wanting to improve.

The control and dominance I have over you will begin to add pleasure to other areas of your life. In this video we will explore having better sex with your wife or girlfriend. But, shh! It will be our little secret! You need new techniques for stroking. Luckily, I have my dildo here to demonstrate and my hands are nice and slippery with cream. Follow my lead and you will see just how to do it. Watch intently where my fingers slide. I know you would love to see my Goddess hands sliding up and down. You will obey. You could never resist me.

It feels too good to obey. Every time I turn around and tease you with my ass, you realize you want to cum only for me, only for your Goddess. This a very seductive, sensual, and intimate hypnosis. Do you think it is an accident that I use my sheer nude pantyhose, my golden hair, my shiny black heels, and my sweet and powerful ass to hypnotize you? Hehe… It is time for you to relax into the deepest hypnosis yet and you have no idea what plans I have in store for you.

First, you will need to melt with my voice and my beauty. It is SO entrancing and intoxicating and it will bring us closer than ever in your worship of me. Ever since I can remember I have been turned on by the thought of having someone worship my panties and masturbate. This video will take you that visual and hypnotic journey and you will watch it over and over. It will be more powerful with every time you watch it. So if you get only one video get this one! These glitter goddess joi will permeate deep, deep in your mind and leave an indelible mark on your sexual fantasies. These are some of the most sexy triggers in the world to anyone with a weakness for findom.

The triggers are woven into a powerful hypnosis with me. Ready to please me and feel those electric pluses of pleasure through your cock every time you press send? You know you have always wanted to be teased and seduced by an elegant woman. Expensive furs, high heels, stockings, and lace are very provocative on a truly elegant woman, but it is the woman herself who brings that special je ne sais quoi to a flirtation.

Yes, I am feeling flirtatious now. Are you ready to treat yourself to something very special? I will be hypnotizing you into a deep and powerfully stimulating hypnotic trance. The title is true. I will be guiding your hand and your thoughts building you closer and closer to the biggest, most intense orgasm of your life! Ready to feel how good the best is? Lock the door and get ready for the ultimate pleasure! Have you ever let a gorgeous, powerful woman edge your orgasm over and over without letting you cum until precisely when she meant to?

In this video I guide you in a seductive and hypnotic JOI. I use my body including a focus on my ass, legs, and breasts to lead you just where I want you, the edge of orgasm, over and over. When I finally do guide you to cum it will be so explosive it just might be your best orgasm yet!

This maybe my hottest video yet! Have you tried it? Eating your cum is the ultimate way to submit. A truly sexy and pleasing experience especially with me taking the lead… guiding you… coaxing you… helping you achieve the ultimate goal! Ready to follow my lead? Do you crave the licks and the pleasure that only come with moments of pure intoxication, serving my ass? Even if you have never contemplated ass worship, this video will show you pleasure that you did not know you were missing. There is a delicacy, a tenderness, a seduction that I expose you to in this video that will invoke your total adoration of my exquisite ass.

Watch it sway, undulate, glitter goddess joi grind and before you know it all that you will want is to slide closer and closer. Feel your face pressed against my soft skin and try to resit the urge to please me with your tongue. It will be impossible to resist the pleasure it brings once you feel my pillowy softness surround you.

If this is your first time considering ass worship, watch this video. If you have loved my ass for a long time, watch this video.

Glitter goddess joi

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