Grooming fetish

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Switch to Print View - 4 posts. Dear Annie: I have been dating "Edgar," a year-old man, for about four months.

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Everything is great, but I have one question. Edgar likes to groom me. This means he looks over my skin, face and body and tries to remove any blemishes. He does all this in a very loving and respectful way, but I think it's very foreign to me.

Edgar says it shows he is taking care of me. I love him very much and don't want to break up over this. I am just curious about such a practice.

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What do you say? Dear Want to Know: Edgar has a fetish.

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Either that or he's a little closer to his primate ancestors than most of us. Still, as with all fetishes, if this one doesn't particularly bother you, then it isn't a problem.

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To each his own. Kind of reminds me of a "mom" wetting a kleenex with her tongue and cleaning a kids face. I loved my mom but I didn't care much for this practice. Edgar sounds creepy.

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Grooming fetish

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Grooming Fetish