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A year-old British man has become the first reported case of a man breaking his penis vertically. The unnamed man injured himself while having sex with his partner. Doctors said that guys dick snaps penis "buckled against his partner's perineum", the area between the anus and genitals.

There are no bones in the penis but a broken penis or penile fracture occurs when the protective layer around the erectile tissue, which pumps blood to the penis, is damaged due to an 'unusual bending'. The medics said that all the ly recorded cases of penial fractures had been horizontal, however, in this case, the tunica albuginea split up. Doctors said that the patient did not hear any "popping" sound when the break occurred, which happens when fractures are horizontal.

They added that his erection also faded over time, while in cases such as this the erection is usually lost almost instantly. An MRI scan revealed that the man's penis had a three-centimetre-long vertical tear on its right-hand side.

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The urologists said Other causes of penis breaks include masturbation, sleeping position and taqaandan - the practice of forcibly bending the penis, which is primarily performed in Middle Eastern countries, the report added. Times Now. Follow us on :. Times Now Digital. Updated Jul 02, IST. A British man has become the first reported case of suffering a vertical penis fracture. The patient did not hear any "popping" sound when the break happened.

Key Highlights Doctors in the UK have recorded the first case of a man's penis breaking vertically. A year-old unnamed man broke his penis while having sex with his partner.

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He did not hear any "popping" sound when the break occurred and his erection faded over time. Man rushed to hospital after he put ring on penis to make it bigger to impress girlfriend on Valentine's Day. This indicator shows the underlying strength or weakness of a trend. Alarming 'revenge travel' trend; Mad rush of tourists in hill stations and other destinations. High frequency indicators suggest a mixed trend; Recovery in second wave faster than first wave.

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Guys dick snaps

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What is a snapped penis and how does it happen?