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Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ADHD is a mental health disorder that can cause above-normal levels of hyperactive and impulsive behaviors. People with ADHD may also have trouble focusing their attention on a single task or sitting still for long periods of time. Both adults and children can have ADHD. Learn about types of ADHD and symptoms in both children and adults. If you or your child has ADHD, you may have some or all hfjdh these symptoms. The symptoms you have depend on the type of ADHD you have. Explore a list of ADHD symptoms common in children.

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These types are predominantly inattentive, predominantly hyperactivity-impulsive, and a combination of both. As the name suggests, people with this type of ADHD have extreme difficulty focusing, finishing tasks, and following instructions. This type is most common among girls with ADHD. People with this type of ADHD show primarily hyperactive and impulsive hfjdh. Although inattention is less of a concern with this type of ADHD, people with predominantly hyperactive-impulsive ADHD may still find hfjdh difficult to focus on tasks.

This is the most common type of ADHD. People with this combined type of ADHD display both inattentive and hyperactive symptoms. These include an inability to pay attention, a tendency toward impulsiveness, and above-normal levels of activity and energy. The type you have can change over time, so your treatment may change, too.

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Learn more about the three types of ADHD. ADD, or attention deficit disorder, is an outdated term. ADHD is the current overarching name of the condition.

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This manual is what doctors refer to when making diagnoses for mental health conditions. More than 60 percent of children with ADHD still exhibit symptoms as adults. But for many people, ADHD symptoms decrease or become less frequent as they get older. That said, treatment is important. Untreated ADHD in adults can have a negative impact on many aspects of life.

Symptoms such as trouble managing hfjdh, forgetfulness, and impatience can cause problems at work, home, and in all types of relationships. Find out more about the s and symptoms of ADHD in adults and how they can impact your life. One in 10 children between ages 5 to 17 years receives an ADHD diagnosis, making this one of the most common childhood neurodevelopmental disorders in the United States. For children, ADHD is generally associated with problems at school. Children with ADHD often have trouble succeeding in a controlled classroom setting.

Boys are more than twice as likely as girls hfjdh receive an ADHD diagnosis. This may be because boys tend to exhibit hallmark symptoms of hyperactivity. In many cases, girls with ADHD may:. Learn more about how to recognize ADHD in toddlers. Genetics may also play a role.

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Research suggests that a reduction in dopamine is a factor in ADHD. Dopamine is a chemical in the brain that helps move als from one nerve to another. It plays a role in triggering emotional responses and movements.

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Other research suggests a structural difference in the brain. Findings indicate that people with ADHD have less gray matter volume. Gray matter includes the brain areas that help with:. Researchers are still studying potential causes of ADHD, such as smoking during pregnancy.

Find out more about the potential causes and risk factors of ADHD. To make a diagnosis, your doctor will assess any symptoms you or your child has had over the six months. Your doctor will likely gather information from teachers or family members and may use checklists and rating scales to review symptoms. Learn more about ADHD rating scales and what they can and cannot do. If you suspect that you or your child has ADHD, talk to your doctor about getting hfjdh evaluation. For your child, you can also talk to their school counselor.

Schools regularly assess children for problems that may be affecting their educational performance. Depending on the diagnosis, they may also suggest making an appointment with a psychiatrist or neurologist. Types of therapy include psychotherapy, or talk therapy. With talk therapy, you or your child will discuss how ADHD affects your life and ways to help you manage it. Another therapy type is behavioral therapy. This therapy can help you or your child with learning how to monitor and manage your behavior. ADHD medications are deed to affect brain chemicals in a way that enables you to better control your impulses and actions.

Find out more about treatment options and behavioral interventions that can help ease ADHD hfjdh. These drugs work by increasing the amounts of the brain chemicals dopamine and norepinephrine. Examples of these drugs include methylphenidate Ritalin and amphetamine-based stimulants Adderall. Certain nonstimulant medications work hfjdh increasing levels hfjdh norepinephrine in the brain. These medications include atomoxetine Strattera and some antidepressants such as bupropion Wellbutrin. ADHD medications can have many benefits, as well as side effects. Learn more about medication options for adults with ADHD.

In addition to — or instead of — medication, several remedies have been suggested to help improve ADHD symptoms. For starters, following a healthy lifestyle may help you or your child manage ADHD symptoms. Studies have also shown that yogatai chiand spending time outdoors can help calm overactive minds and may ease ADHD symptoms. Mindfulness meditation is another option. Research in adults and teens has shown meditation to have positive effects on attention and thought processes, as well as on anxiety and depression. Avoiding certain allergens and food additives are also potential ways to help reduce ADHD symptoms.

Learn more about these and other nondrug approaches to addressing ADHD. However, ADHD symptoms can make it harder for you hfjdh learn. To help relieve any impact on learning for children, teachers can map out individual guidelines for a student with ADHD. This may include allowing extra time for asments and tests or hfjdh a personal reward system. Learn more about the potential impacts of ADHD on adults and children and resources that can help. Up to 31 percent of adults with ADHD have been found to also have depression.

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This may feel like an unfair double whammy, but know that treatments are available for both conditions. The treatments often overlap. Talk therapy can help treat both conditions. Also, certain antidepressants, such as bupropion, can sometimes help ease ADHD symptoms.

Find out more about the link between ADHD and depression. If you or your child has ADHD, a consistent schedule with structure and regular expectations may be helpful. For adults, using lists, keeping a calendar, and setting reminders are good ways to help you get and stay organized.

For children, it can be helpful to focus on writing down homework asments and keeping everyday items, such as toys and backpacks, in ased spots. Learning more about the disorder in general can also help you learn how to manage it. Organizations like Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder or the Attention Deficit Disorder Association provide tips hfjdh management as well as the latest research.

Your doctor can provide more guidance in ways to manage your ADHD symptoms. Here are tips for helping your child with ADHD manage daily tasks and activities, from getting ready for school in the morning to applying for college. For children and adults, untreated ADHD can have a serious impact on your life. It can hfjdh school, work, and relationships. Treatment is important to lessen the effects of the condition.

Some even tout the benefits of the condition. If you think you or your child may have ADHD, your first step should be talking to your hfjdh. They can help determine if ADHD is a factor for you or your .


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Everything You Need to Know About ADHD