Hmu on snapchat

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This is a guide to some of the most popular acronyms that you might come across on Snapchat. Although many of these acronyms are also used outside of Snapchat, you will find that some of these phrases are very specific to the app. Typically speaking, it has nothing to do with the bank machine that you take money out of. In the context of Snapchat, this usually means that the person in question will mention your username in their Snapchat story if you return the favor. By doing so, you can both increase your follower counts. Basically, they are asking you to reply to them and snap them back.

This is basically their way of telling you that they are only snapping you in order to keep a current Snapstreak going. In certain cases, you will find that the person is using SMH sarcastically. On Snapchat, users can attach a website link to their story. However, in order to visit the link, users must swipe up on the story in question.

They also use it to advertise their social media profiles on other apps such as Instagram and TikTok. Video chat. As a result, there is no need to download the iOS FaceTime app. It is basically a trend that has become popular over the years. As you can imagine, people will sometimes use this acronym in a sarcastic fashion in an attempt to mock their friends. This can mean various things, depending on the context. Most commonly, this acronym is used to express annoyance. This is their way of saying that the photo reminds them of good times.

To be honest, this is just a cheap way for them to try and increase their Snapchat follower count. I might send that to my SNR. It basically means that the person likes a certain thing hmu on snapchat person. This means that they personally like Dave. If someone sends you this, it means that they think you are beautiful.

They are agreeing with you. More often than not, it is a hmu on snapchat way of expressing envy. IG is a tricky one, as it can mean two different things. It all depends on the context. This phrase is typically used to change the topic of conversation. Example usage:. A lot of people will use ION when they feel as if they have been dwelling on the same topic for too long.

If you have a question about any of these acronyms or you think that something is missing from the list, feel free to leave a comment below. Facebook Comments.

Hmu on snapchat

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Snapchat Slangs Like HMU, BRB And SMH Explained: What Does HMU Mean On Snapchat?