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in. Be A Sexy Beast! I want to start this off by saying that marriage is not a to get comfortable! It is down r ight crazy how many people take this view on it, though.

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And, some people even refer to it as a benefit!?!?! If anything, getting married should inspire you to be the best version of yourself possible. It should keep you striving to make the most out of it that you can. It should make you want to keep all those feelings that caused you and your husband to get married to begin with! Let me tell you that getting comfortable is not the answer! I also want to say that this goes EQUALLY for men too, and I have an article coming up discussing just that, so make sure to keep an eye out for it, and have your man read it!

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What is the one reason people stray in a marriage? Why do they get bored? Take a look at these tips to be a super sexy wife! You know what I am talking about…that loose, unflattering, full coverage, pajama set that you like to wear around.

The same goes for wearing a t-shirt and pajama pants! Yes, you want to be comfortable, but you can definitely find a combination of comfort and sexy. Get it? Get Some Kiss of Fire. Yes, this product is good for more than your private parts! Have your husband pour a little on your erogenous zones, and then have him slowly lick it off and gently blow on the areas where he poured it. You will find that the sensation in those areas are extremely heightened!

Oh, you will definitely thank me for this one later!

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Send Him A Sexy Text. This is going to make your man, and you when he responds, feel wanted and is guaranteed to start a sexy conversation that is going to increase both of your libidos throughout the day. Talk Dirty You Naughty Girl! So, whether you already engage in a little dirty talk or you are usually as silent as a graveyard at midnight, step it up. Try Something New. This is a sure-fire way of bumping up the excitement and keep things feeling fresh! This is the perfect opportunity to let him know exactly what you like and dislike and will lead to a much more fulfilling romantic relationship!

That is never a good idea, as most men always hot wife tips when you fake it, and it will do nothing but hurt their ego. So, instead of going through whatever your normal routine is, try just grabbing him, pulling him into the room or kitchen, car, shower, whateverand F ornicate U nder C ommand of the K ing!

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These types of romps in the hay will undoubtedly be the ones he thinks of when he fantasizes about sex with you! Do Something A Little Scary. It is proven that fear stimulates the production of Dopamine in your brain, which can lead to an incredibly high libido! On your next date night, try doing something a little scary, like going to see a scary movie, going to a haunted house, riding the scariest roller coaster you can find, etc. Be Enthusiastic! In my humble opinion, this is the most important factor in every hot wife tips of a sexual relationship!

Enthusiasm is what shows REAL interest and what lets your lover know they are wanted and desired. There is no bigger turn-on than feeling wanted, and no bigger discouragement than feeling unwanted. If you do not do any of the above things, this tip is the one that can make the largest difference in your sexual relationship and in the way your husband views you. Really show him that he is the one you want to be with and that he is truly desired.

I guarantee positive ! Let us know how you feel! Do you have any tips to be a super sexy wife? Please follow and like us:. Originally published at www. We cover fashion, beauty, sex, relationships, entertainment, and all things desired. Get started.

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Hot wife tips

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