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I've been mostly MIA for the past of months due to some major family issues, which are finally calming down to the point life can get back to a level of workable.

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There is currently a queue of s waiting to be activated, and a of system issues that need attention. Now that I'm surfacing once again I'll be going through everything and getting s activated and services back online. The resolution for is to try and bring in a new group brought in and aim to increase the of people chatting and having new topics to talk about. Are there any cuck's out there locked in chastity?

The chat system is now back online. I'm sorry for the hotwife chat outage, I have been working with the hosting provider to try and ensure the changes made on their side that caused this issue doesn't recur. Please review our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Your browser doesn't support scripts!. Happy !! Chat is back online The chat system is now back online. Guest access is not available for this community. Please our community or log in. The Facebook Connect option allows you to use your Facebook to log in.

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Your password is never sent to us, only your basic Facebook profile information used to create your profile here. If you prefer not to use Facebook, feel free to click on the Now! You may receive occasional s from the system if someone uses the internal mail system or other function that requires a notification be sent to you and you have the notifications option turned on. s that remain unverified for more hotwife chat 3 days are subject to deletion. Please review our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use None of your information is sold, traded, or otherwise distributed, with one caveat keep reading.

This system will not be used to store, share, display, or otherwise distribute illegal material primarily, underage subject, clothed or otherwise.

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Users found to be underage will be immediately removed. We're all adults, while we may not share the same political, religious, cultural, etc views, we do share the common thread that brings us here.

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Hotwife chat

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