Male forced orgasms

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Men almost always orgasm through vaginal sex. Perhaps a special date is coming up or you simply want to surprise your man with something different in the bedroom. You might find that something like role play gets you off just as well as it does your man! This male orgasm technique is sure to blow his mind — and yours, too! You can access the prostate with your finger [ 9 ], sex toys or with a strap-on a practice known as pegging. Learn more about that in this post. Stimulation of his prostate is known as prostate massage.

Remember to use lube with any anal penetration! If you want to give your man intense, back-arching, grab-the-bedsheets, screaming, crying orgasms that will keep him sexually addicted to you, then you'll find them in my private and discreet newsletter.

Get it here. Like we said, power play can be intoxicating.

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Pegging, which we mentioned before, can make you feel powerful. If your man has an appetite for BDSM, it can really make his orgasms better. BDSM can create amazing sexual tension, and it might just be the edge he needs to get off like never before. But for others, elements of BDSM are necessary for a fulfilling sex life, which is why we definitely recommend incorporating it into your sex life and trying it at least a few times. You may discover you that you suck pun intended or that you are already a blow job queen.

Sure, you might already get him off with oral sex, but why not change it up a bit? Just switching up the way you give head to your man can be a great orgasm technique to use on him.

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There are tons of male orgasm techniques to try the next time you go down on him. Keep in mind that not every guy is able to cum from oral sex. Learn how to deal with that in this post about big penises. Giving a hand job is something that many women struggle with. Check out the Hand Job Guide for even more great hand job tips! Several of these techniques can be used to bring your man a more impressive orgasm… when you finally let him cum, at least! This is one male orgasm technique that you can incorporate with any of the techniques!

Edging simply means that you get him close to orgasm and back off, not allowing him to cum. Repeat the process several times before allowing him to have an explosive orgasm! You can also try it yourself to see how powerful it can be! This might be due to an accessory that prevents him from becoming fully erect such as a cock cage. What do you do when you want him to cum and cum hard?! You demand it. It can feel quite naughty and hot. It takes a little practice to get someone to orgasm on command, but it may be easier than you think. This means you need to get to know his body pretty well.

As you repeat male forced orgasms process, he will associate whatever action with an orgasm. You might even be able to train him to do so without him realizing. This is a type of conditioning. When you get to the point that you want male forced orgasms to have an orgasm right now, you can use that word or perform the action that has become associated with orgasm to make him cum. Note that some people are trained easier than others. Those who have trouble having an orgasm at all might find that this male orgasm technique does not work very well.

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Psst, you can learn how to dominate your man in bed. The final bit of advice about male orgasm techniques is one that most women can appreciate: use toys! There are so many toys to choose from. Why not give him a Fleshlight, one of the most popular toys for men? You might be surprised how watching your man masturbate can turn you on! You probably know that women can have multiple orgasmsbut do you know that men can have them, too?

Typically, a man has one orgasm and is done. He then needs to recuperate afterward. This is known as the refractory period [ 111213 ]. The key to mastering multiple orgasms in men is to be able to orgasm without ejaculating. To have multiple orgasms, your man will need to develop control over his body. You must be able to ease up on stimulation without him spilling over the edge.

He can practice deep, mindful breathing to hone this skill. However, it will be less frustrating if you allow yourself to enjoy the experience rather than focusing on the goal. Kegels, as you may know, are exercises you can perform to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles [ 171819 ]. Some women do them after giving birth because the exercises help with urinary incontinence [ 202122 ].

Kegel exercises are also recommended because they may help you experience more pleasure and better orgasms from sexual activity. But men may be able to achieve better orgasms via Kegels, too! Men can also treat urinary incontinence, which can cause urine leaks when coughing, sneezing and performing other exercises, [ 2324 ] and even erectile dysfunction [ 252627 ] with male forced orgasms exercises.

Your man can locate his pelvic muscles the same way you do: he should try to stop his flow of urine mid-stream. Male forced orgasms muscles that do this are his pelvic floor muscles! Then, he can perform Kegel exercises that work out these muscles whenever he wants. With one suggested Kegel method, a man should repeat the exercise four times daily. Each set should consist of three muscular contractions that he holds for two natural breaths each. Separate each contraction with another two breaths. This is known as the method [ 28 ].

Now, while your man can do Kegel exercises to improve his orgasms, so can you! Like we mentioned, improving muscle strength can make sex feel better for you, but it also works like something of a party trick. When your man is inside you, you can contract those muscles around his penis, so you feel tighter.

In sensation play, you focus on stimulation the sense of touch. It can be a major component of gentle femdom. You can do this with heat and cold with ice or massage candles, for example. Try one or both, or alternate between the two, which can make the effects feel more pronounced because of the contrast. Some people might find ice to be excruciating because their erect nipples are super sensitive. Hot wax can make a person flinch, too. This means avoiding regular decor candles. Candles made specifically for massage and play are typically made from soy wax and an oil such as coconut, jojoba, almond, or another and cocoa or shea butters.

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While ice can be inserted orally or anally, stick to unbroken skin when using wax. The chest and nipples are a prime target. Get hints for giving an amazing sensual massage. You can use a variety of items from around the house for this. You might find that your man has a of erogenous zones that respond to sensation. You can also try sensations directly on his penis. Consider a cold or hot drink, soda or fizzy candy, or sensation lube during different sexual activities.

Just remember to keep anything containing sugar away from your genitals because it may contribute to yeast infections. When most men, or their partners, think of how to make a guy orgasm, they often focus on penetration. The penis is inserted into an orifice or stimulation is literally hands on.

For example, can you give your man an orgasm without using your hands? Perhaps slide other parts of your body across his. You can lube yourself up with some massage oil or male forced orgasms lube for a slippery session.

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Or keep your male forced orgasms on and give him a sultry lap dance with no hands allowed! Take male forced orgasms one step further and try to make him cum without touching him at all. Use your breath and voice to drive him wild. The first step? Learn how to talk dirty! Perhaps you can even achieve this over text. Try these dirty text examples. Check out these methods for hands-free orgasms and see if any work with your man! Want one more tip?

Try taking his hands out of the equation. Hold them down or tie them back so he cannot touch himself or you. Another way you may be able to edge your man is through teasing and denial. Simply touch him, talk to him, or perform for him in whatever way gets him going tips for teasing him here. Then pause, switch things up, or lighten your touch when you feel orgasm is imminent. If you do this well, you can avoid that point of no return repeatedly until you finally decide to let him cum. That is if you do. Want more male orgasm techniques like this? Check out these tease and denial games.

You might already know that your nipples are sensitive, perhaps sensitive enough that you can orgasm from nipple play alone. But men can have sensitive nipples, too! The interesting thing about nipple play is that you can be naughty or nice.

You can also use your breath. Remember, a wide mouth blows out warm air while pursed lips exhale coolly. You can bite or twist nipples. These are deed to clip onto the nipples and halt blood flow. They might connect to other accessories or even weights. Not sure which type of clamp is right for you? Scroll halfway down this post to see a comparison of nipple clamp styles. Remember before you had sex for the first time when you would make out for what felt like hours? This is especially effective stimulation for women who can get clitoral stimulation from the bump-and-grind, but many men enjoy it, too.

Get your whole body in on the mix. Sexual roleplaying is a great way to enhance the energy of any roll in the sack. One popular scenario? Teacher and student. Get more role play ideas here. Not every role or scenario will work for you, so you may need to discuss before you adopt the role. This is totally normal!

Male forced orgasms

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