Mary ellen walton in playboy

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Since going off air, the actress says she endured many challenges and still feels regret over her controversial nude Playboy spread. While "The Waltons" premiered poorly, it was quickly embraced by audiences for its family values.

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A show could be gone before you even knew it existed. So we were in a very fortunate time in television where we were given that opportunity to stick around long enough for an audience to find us.

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I always felt a sense of responsibility to try to make that a positive experience. It still lives on in reruns and it continues to inspired longtime fans of the show. Norton insisted she always felt a sense of responsibility in being recognized as Mary Ellen. However, life on the mountain had plenty of bumps on the road.

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Judy Norton said she was grateful that her character was allow to age in "The Waltons. So I went back to my roots, which was theater, where I got a lot of roles that were different than what I might be playing on television. It made my path easier and I was always looking to find ways to reinvent myself.

Judy Norton filming her latest movie "Inclusion Criteria. Norton shocked fans when she chose to strip down and shed her good girl image for a Playboy spread. It's a decision she came to regret. It is what it is. You can only go forward. But life is different these days for Norton.

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Judy Norton filming "Inclusion Criteria. But I wanted that challenge to stretch myself outside of my comfort zone. Norton said that getting older has only inspired her more to work both in front and behind the camera. I found to my surprise that I really enjoyed it as well.

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So it can be a bit challenging to stay satisfied as an actor. It was a great training route to hone my storytelling skills. And that was really the best part of all those years. The people that I got to work with.

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Behind the scenes of Judy Norton's film "Inclusion Criteria.

Mary ellen walton in playboy

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