Missionary lovers

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From honeymoon sex positions, what men like in bed to what women love in bed, we have given you quite a lot of information. There was this one article where we told you why men love 69 so much.

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This time around we plan to tell you what is that makes men go all crazy about the missionary position. We women often have several doubts about men when it comes to sex. Some are really serious and logical ones while some are just silly that stemmed out of pure curiosity. So here is missionary lovers one such doubt. This is why men love and prefer the missionary sex position so much. Missionary is not rocket science.

Not only is it one of the most popular sex positions but it also one of the easiest. There is absolutely nothing that can go wrong with the missionary sex position.

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He does not have missionary lovers lift you or hang you upside down. Perfect when a man wants to give his best. Some men are shy and reserved in this aspect. They hate showing their face during sex especially when they are orgasming. With the missionary sex position,they can easily hide their face ion the nape of your neck so that you do not get to see how he moans or groans while ejaculating. So the pace of the thrusting is totally in his control when doing the missionary sex position.

It means he can set the rhythm according to his wish. The missionary sex position will also allow a man to do everything else. He can also rub your clitoris while doing this sex position. When a man is doing the missionary he does not have to get all the fluids all on himself. So if he ejaculates, he can easily pull out and do it on your stomach or chest.

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Also the fluids that come out from your vagina are also not all over his body. So he is clean and mess free. Found this story interesting? Like our Facebook to such articles. Also, share your comments below. We would love to hear from you!

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