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Total 0 votes. The first time I saw her I felt a strange thrill that I could not understand, along with a desire to be around her as much as I could. We were at the Panty fetish story Union building, in a large, circular booth, just hanging out between classes. The booth was growing more crowded for a while but by the time the next period started it began to thin out. I skipped a class because I could not bring myself to leave while she was there. Category: Fetish. Hello again! As you may know from my first story, I'm rather new to the whole "erotic literature" thing.

My first story was about an experience that happened when I was 18, and since I got so much positive feedback, I thought I'd write another story. I had no idea the effect I could have on some of you guys and gals! I was extremely flattered by so many of the comments that people sent to me, I began to think about what my second story could be. Category: Incest. I'm a relatively normal 25 year old guy, and the only thing "abnormal" about me is I have a panty fetish.

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It started when I was a teenager by playing with my mom's and sister's panties, but once I went off to college, I didn't hesitate to walk into a store and buy my own lingerie. Dresses and makeup were never my style, I didn't want to be a girl, I just wanted the silky feel of nylon panties on my cock. The sky was overcast with dark grey clouds. Surprisingly it wasn't muggy, there was a cool breeze that whistled through the window I had left open all night. I live alone on the second floor of a seven story building in the heart of a metropolitan city in the north of Germany.

My cock was stiff as it usually is when I wake-up. I woke-up to my hand already stroking it. My foreskin sliding up and down my shaft, pre-cum oozing out of the hole.

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He tried to hide the evidence in between the couch cushions, but I knew exactly what he had been doing. While I was taking a shower, he decided to raid my suitcase looking for used panties to sniff.

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He was still dressed, but his jeans were pulled down past his hips. The semi-hard cock visible through his boxers did nothing to convince me of his innocence.

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