Rape fantasy roleplay

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in. Hey there, idiots. These are about fantasies that your trusting wife, girlfriend, or mistress might want to role play with. And if you already have, at least fucking apologize. Now, onto our fantasies:. The Patrick Bateman: Perfect body and perfect hair with a perfect job forces himself onto us in his penthouse suite office, or in his private limousine, or maybe in the hot tub behind his mansion.

Rich and Handsome Rapist sees us immediately for the desperate little insecure, half-ugly worthless bitch we really are and he just rapes us, frustrated even during it that his time is being wasted on such a pitiful excuse for a woman, and then he discards us. We might even imagine that Rich and Handsome Rapist watches pornos with women hotter than her while he begrudgingly rapes.

This time, the roles are reversed. We women play the hot one on this fantasy, and you play, well, a fucking monster. Prostitution as Punishment: In this fantasy we have been bad, bad girls. In this scenario, we are blackmailed into sex. A Gang of Unruly Frat Boys: This is a gang rape fantasy, or a fantasy about having a train run on your us. This is also a fantasy about young, athletic, testosterone-riddled young men, drunk out of their minds on beer and hormones, basically acting as rape fantasy roleplay zombies, while we struggles to fight off these near-children.

Make it dark, and pretend to be talking to the other frat boys over your shoulder. Sex is fun and funny. Just fucking relax okay? Some violent villain from a beloved television show or film. I mean duh, right? Why are you bro so crazy and weird! Yes, little man, it is. But the subject of sexuality is unique and incomparable to any other aspect of life, including war.

I have no access to that information, but if she is rape fantasy roleplay has nothing to do with her rape fantasies. Well okay so how can I help? Will they be gross? Just buck up and fucking do it, whore-man. Pin her down. Hold her hands above her head. So, be a gross disgusting beast, and let her be a little lady damsel. And it turns out women — including your weirdo girlfriend — are human too. Get started. Open in app. Johanna Berber. in Get started. Get started Open in app. More from Johanna Berber Follow. More From Medium. Dayon Cotton in An Injustice!

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Rape fantasy roleplay

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Rape fantasy