Wam fetish

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You cannot stop exploring the world of sexual fetishism. There are so many types of fetishes. People rate their understanding and liking of the fetish world from kinky to bizarre. One of the most popular forms of sexual fetishism is Wet and messy fetish. It is more commonly known as WAM fetish or sploshing. This is a fetish that has people aroused when certain substance applied to the naked skin, face, or even clothing.

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It gets really messy and it involves lots of food wastage also sometimes. Most commonly this fetish involves sitting on cakes and smudging the body with various other food items. Sploshing is often enjoyed with the fetisher masturbating to the person.

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It is often enjoyed by oneself as well. Sexual Fetishes: What Is Dacryphilia? Usually, WAM fetish arousal is a response to touching wet or messy substances against their skin, however, some may only like the visual appeal. Some people will just like other people get messy with items of different texture, colour and consistency.

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One of the most common things used are cream pies or in its absence shaving foam that may give an impression of cream pie filling. People may play with it or just sit on such things. Some people like to watch or feel substance being poured inside of clothes something like a swimsuit, bra or just underwear.

Some of the most common wam fetish foods include cakes, whipped cream, squirty pie cream, custard, jelly, slime, milk, chocolate syrup and ice-cream. For people with not so sweet tooth, ketchup or mayo or baked beans may work. But the most commonly loved types that the fetishers like is to watch other people sit on cakes.

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Non-edible items are quite popular as well for example, soapy water, mud, baby oil, gels etc. If you ever indulge in this form of fetish make sure to take a test on your skin by dabbing a small amount first and then wait for a while to make sure it doesn't have any negative reactions. Also, remember it whatever substance you use must not stick into any of the body cavity because it may cause fungal infection.

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Make sure to not insert food items into the anal or vaginal cavity. Laws related to the subject discussed in the article may vary according to region.

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Wam fetish

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Wet and Messy Fetish (WAM): What Is Sploshing? Fun Facts You Didn't Know This Sexual Fetishism